Highlander Brewing Co.

Date: 2015      Type: Packaging Design, Digital

Highlander Brew Co. is a craft brewery nestled in scenic Seven Rivers, Ontario. As their business expanded, Highlander realized they needed to refresh their branding. The craft-beer market has an extremely high level of visual quality across the board, so the re-branding effort would need to live up to that.

The goal was to create a fresh, unified look across their three (now ten) styles of beer, while retaining elements of the old designs and being versatile enough to accomodate new products. This re-branding, combined with a new web presence, helped Highlander find its market. Now the company is flourishing - in 2017 they just opened a brand-new brewery and Highlander beer is in more store than ever before.

“When Dan redesigned our labels it was exactly what we were looking for - a fresh look that would give the brewery a strong identity going forward. In our crowded industry it helps us stand out. We now use the same style for all our different beers.”

Dwayne Wanner, Highlander Brew Co.

Along with the packaging design came an updated web presence.